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Anhui Marine Low-Speed Diesel Engeering Technology Research Center Passed The Experts Assessment
Published: 2012-12-25 11:14:57 Source: President Office Visits: 3684

On December 23, 2012, good news from Rongan Power scientific research system that Anhui marine low-speed diesel engeering technology research center relying on Rongan Power machinery Co., Ltd. is unanimous recognized by Experts Assessment Group, indicates that technological innovation and scientific research and development capacity is fully recognized, which will further enhance independent innovation and core competitiveness of the company.

Hefei University of Technology, one of the domestic key universities, as the project cooperation unit, also positively participated in the preparatory work of the research center. As early as 2010, Rongan Power had signed the strategic cooperation framework agreement with Hefei University of Technology, according to the agreement, the both sides would start extensive cooperation in promoting the integration of production, teaching and research and training of talented people. The successful acceptance of the research center marks a great new step forward in mutual cooperation, opens a new chapter in development of marine low-speed diesel engine in Anhui province and even in China.

The construction project of Anhui Marine Low-Speed Diesel Engeering Technology Research Center was approved by Technology Bureau of Anhui Province, with Hefei Rongan Power Machinery Co., Ltd. being the supporting institute while Hefei university of technology as the cooperation unit, aims to enhance independent innovation capacity in field of China marine low speed engine and to carry out domestic development and research of marine products, and speed up the transfer of scientific and technological achievements.

As the supporting institution, the company arranged key personnels to take charge of the work. Company chief advisor of engeering technology Chen Guangqing headed the preparatory work of the research center. Since its preparation in Auguest 2010, the center earnestly implemented the main construction works under regulations of Anhui Engineering Technology Research Center Project Construction Mission Statement, and basically realized expected targets in time. With operation mode of construction during production and perfection during using, after three years organization, the building work of the center had been basically completed till the end of December, 2012. Under the support of provincial and municipal departments in charge and persistence and hard work of whole staff of the supporting institute, the research center came into operation according to the construction plan. Under hard work of scientific research personnels, the center has undertaken one longitudinal task at and above the provincial or ministerial levels, gained domestic advanced innovative achievements, applied for 16 patents and development modern intelligent marine high power low-speed diesel products. In scientific research and production practice field, the research and development capacity of the center has realized stable improvement, and achieved remarkable economic benefits and social benefits.
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