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Capital of 2.419 Billion RMB Infused into Great Ship “Heart”
Published: 2010-4-26 10:06:41 Source: Hefei Evening Visits: 4364

Signing ceremony of “Syndicated Loan for Hefei Rongan Power Marine Engine Production Base” was held in Government Affairs Center of Hefei on April 23rd.  RongAn Power Machinery Co. Ltd. signed the agreement of 2.149billion of syndicated loan with the leading bank of Pudong Development Bank and participating banks including Bank of China, Anhui Commercial Bank and Agricultural Bank of China.

Last year in October, at completion site of final assembly workshop of RongAn Power on the north bank of River Pai, a engine of 10m long, 12m high, 10m wide and weighting 580tons was successfully delivered to Brazil, the powerful heart for 100,000 tons level great ships has attracted attention from both home and abroad.

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