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RongAn Power Exhibited Two New Main Engine in MARINTEC SHANGHAI, CHINA
Published: 2009-12-11 14:05:17 Source: Visits: 3586

Many reputable engine enterprises both home and abroad appeared in the 15th MARINTEC SHANGHAI,CHINA. Being a new domestic engine maker, RongAn Power displayed the model of its first 6RT-flex68-D engine which was just delivered and the model of 7RT-flex82T which is being producing.

6RT-flex68-D intelligent marine low speed diesel is an improved type of Wartsila, Switzerland. It is nearly 10m long, 12m high and 10m wide. The two stroke marine engine is total electronic control, non-camshaft, low speed, directly steering and single acting, single-machine capacity can reach 18780kw, having characteristics of modular design, operation humanization, economical and environmentally protective which is main trend of engine developing. Capacity of 7RT-flex82T is 31640kw, 80rpm, now is in progress and will be employed for the 400000DWT ore bulk constructed by Rongsheng Heavy Industry after its completion.

Responsible persons were interviewed by reporter from website of, and said “ engines made by Rongan Power is large-bore low speed engine, and Rongan is one of the biggest domestic main engine making enterprises.
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