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RongAn’s Running After Dreams
Published: 2010-4-13 14:13:26 Source: Visits: 4113

On 30th Jan.2010, award ceremony of “Our Fighting, Anhui Economic Figures of Year 2009” was held in Hefei. President Deng Hui was awarded with the honor. In his thank-you speech, he said, “Two years ago, I came to Hefei with the dream of ‘making china strong by industry’, which is the dream of our board chairman and RongAn power investor Zhang Zhirong. We delivered our first marine low speed diesel engine after 16 months’ struggling, creating Anhui speed, placing the first in marine engine field, and our first dream came true. It is the dream that encouraged Deng Hui and his “dream team” to create legends one by one with wisdom and sweat.

Seeking Opportunities from Challenges

As driving south along highway HeTongHuang out of city centre of Hefei, a newly-build town will come into eye. The new factory with milky white exterior wall, dormitory building for employees, recreational facilities, and extensive territory still in progress stretches as far as the eye can see. River Pai quietly rippled through the factory area. This is Hefei Rongan Power Machinery Co. Ltd, which is Anhui “861”main construction project.

Attached to private domestic-funded enterprise, classed into restricted category, Rongan is in dilemma of “regional supernumerary” and “production supernumerary” of state planning, although it had already signed the licensing agreements with Wartsila and Man. Marine low speed engine is the most important component of ocean-going vessels, and is praised as the heart of a ship, its price is 1/8 of a whole ship. As the high standard of management requirement, technological requirement and manufacturing requirement, except Dalian, Shanghai and Yichang, the country did not support establishing other marine low speed engine manufacture project in other region according to 《China Ship Industry Development Policy》. In Long Term and Medium Term Development Planning of Ship Industry》issued by National Development and Reform Committee and State Commission of Science and Technology for National Defense Industry in 2006, target for production capacity of marine low speed engine is: Till 2010, annual production capacity of marine low speed engine reaches 4,000,000 kilowatt (5,440,000hp), basically meet the need of domestic shipbuilding at corresponding period. In this condition, Rongan’s 5,000,000hps annual designed production capacity almost equals to the sum of capacity of three largest domestic engine manufacturing base of year 2008, confronting with questioning for overcapacity. Behind the seeming “dead-end road”, RongAn found the opportunity: with the acceleration transfers of worldwide shipbuilding industry to East Asia, China has become the second largest shipbuilding country subsequent to Korea. Although the total capacity reached 5,500,000hps in year 2008, only 50% main engines were self-manufactured, other 50% was still imported from other countries. The start of RongAn project meets the realistic market demands and is significant in strategic level.  

In the end of 2008, financial crisis bring a chill to domestic economy, ten industrial adjustment promoting plan had been successively issued.《Shipbuilding Industry Adjusting and Promoting Plan》thereafter adjusted the target wrote in 《Long Term and Medium Term Development Planning of Shipbuilding Industry》 of 2006, requiring to maintain steady and rapid growth in Shipbuilding industry in the coming three years, and to heighten marine low speed engine production capacity into 12,000,000hps one year; requiring domestic market fill rate of marine engine and other corollary equipments to reach 80%; providing encouragement policy such as enlarging credit finance support for shipbuilding and marine equipments enterprises. The issued new policy smooth the way for Rongan’s project to be approved. On 6th march, 2009, annual 5000000hps marine low speed engine project finally was approved by National Development and Reform Committee, becoming one of the first batch major industrial projects after ten industrial adjustment and promoting plan was issued, and also is the first new-build marine engine project approved in recent four years, and even more, it is the unique marine engine project invested by private enterprise that was approved.        

To make “China Heart”

A saying circulated among domestic equipments manufacturing enterprises, “only if you have hope, there stands a chance.” Over a fairly long period of time, it was enough only to hold obvious opportunity, to utilize resources and to rely on the biggest market of both consumption and manpower. With keen insight, Rongan, who want to contend against mistress of the world in ship making, came to realize that the natural low cost can only contribute to temporary advantage and it is not a longtime strategy. An enterprise has no future if without its own engine. On Hefei city government brochure, these words are written: RongAn project’s carrying out is helpful for changing the backwardness of marine equipment industry in China, for breaking down restricts from foreign industries, and for improving our marine equipment industry to make a breakthrough in making a “China heart”. China shipbuilding industry was lacking the “china heart” for a long time. Rongan tried hard to make a ship with china-making diesel engine and this time dreams played an important role also. To make “china heart”, Rongan has its own outstanding way. Besides attracting talents traditionally, rongan dispatched batches of young and middle aged mainstays to Korea and Japan for advanced studies to strengthen its technological force. Moreover, marine engine engineering technology research centre will be set up by Rongan, Hefei University of Technology and world famous patent company of diesel engine under unremitting effort of Rongan. It will be the first research centre in China researching high-powered marine engine technology with independent intellectual property rights. It is of far-reaching significance and sounds like a dream—changing from big to strong, embracing the world confidently.

History should mark the day of 30th Oct. 2009, “Opening ceremony of RongAn General Assembly workshop inauguration and the first diesel engine delivery” was held in RongAn low-speed diesel engine production base. After the huge silken screen was rolled up, “the monster” revealed. The heart for 1000000 DWT vessels, the marine low speed engine is nearly 10m long, 12m high, 10m wide and weighted about 510 tons. According to president Deng’s introduction, the first engine is 6RT-flex68-D intelligent marine low speed diesel engine with high power, and is an improved type of Wartsila, Switzerland. The two stroke marine engine is total electronic control, non-camshaft, low speed, directly steering and single acting, single-machine capacity can reach 25530hps, having characteristics of modular design, operation humanization, economical and environmentally protective, which can satisfy the need of large scale and long-range water transportation. Rongan took 16 months from plant start to the delivery of first machine, creating a new record in China engine making history. It is the just speed makes Rongan have potential energy to be the best.         

Treating as Heroes    

In RongAn, known title of “Model Worker” was changed into “Hero”. In front of general assembly workshop, there is a huge monument, in which many heroes’ names are carved.

At the opening ceremony of the monument, many old staff members who spent most of their life in engine making

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