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Hefei Rongan power’s first engine 6RT-flex68-D, is a intelligent low speed marine diesel. It is total electronic control two-stroke engine, with no camshaft and low speed, it also can be change direction directly, single action. Energy saving & the environment protection has been put into the design of the engine, and it will be the main current of engine development. This engine has a excellent and reliable performance, convenient to use and repair, it already become one of the main power of tankers, containers round, bulk carrier, and it is also been manufactured in Chinese mainland for the first time. 6RT-flex68-D is developed on the base of 6RT-flex68-D by W?rtsil? Switzerland, and it’s superiority are as follows:

Structure respect

Adopting high pressure rail unit system, oil injection timing and exhaust timing is controlled by rail unit valve, so that the camshaft can be cancelled, but it is still used to raise the fuel pressure in oil supply unit. The diameter of connection rod is becoming much smaller, and using two ABB TPL73-B turbocharger to increase scavenge air efficiency; Because 6RT-flex68-D engine’s stroke-diameter rating is up to 4.0, it can be promote the propelling efficiency. Using electro speed tuning system, high pressure rail unit electronic control fuel injection system, intelligent electronic control system, make further improvement of engine reliability, amend low load performance, reducing fuel consumption, and control safety protection etc.

Performance respect

It’s average effective pressure is 20.0 bar, explosion pressure is 160 bar. Piston average speed is 8.6 m/s, and the output power is putting on at the same working condition point. Improving parts structure, enhancing strength, reducing fuel consumption, prolong the service life. The electronic hydraulic control system is taken place of the traditional mechanical camshaft driving structure, simplifying engine design, reducing cost, optimize engine control. It also takes some methods such as increasing injection pressure and compression rating, combustion pressure, turbocharger efficiency to reducing emissions  of Nox and other poisonous gas.

As a Modularized, humanized, economic, environment protection and intelligent engine, 6RT-flex68-D is born with oil crisis and more strict emission regulation, it can satisfy ship owner and shipyard’s demands towards engine, and can apply in tankers, large containers round, bulk carrier.

Rongan’s first engine 6RT-flex68-D has been passed the one timely submission test, it’s the good beginning for Rongan to raise in the engine manufacture industry of the whole nation and between nations, and it also lay a solid foundation for Rongan to progress steadily. We believe that Rongan’s future is excellence and brilliant.


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