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Survivor: Greg Boudreau

"Survivors" is an interview series highlighting artists that maintain a "day job" to pay the bills. To shed some light on the techniques and methods of coping and succeeding as an artist. But also bring us all a bit closer by showing we all share the same struggles and challenges.

Greg Boudreau is a name with more vowels than enemies. He's hard not to like. A character trait that I'm sure plays a large part in his continued success. His work is a bit urban, a bit industrial and a lot chic. His stencils can be found in corporate lobbies, private homes and art galleries from Seattle to Texas and back.

We lost him to LA for a few years but we're glad to have his work adorning the walls of Seattles highest profile art venues. He's a regular at artwalks in Pioneer Sq so look for him when you're down there. Greg himself is humble and a bit shy but his work is bold and sharply expressive. Not to be missed on any day.

1. What (other than art) do you do to pay the bills?

  • Property management (aka posting apartment ads on craigslist) and some graphic design work here and there.

2. What else would you do for money?

  • I’d really like to start an escargot farm.

3. What's the hardest part of having a day job while you build an art career?

  • Interruptions. Every time I leave the studio it seems to take more than twice the amount of time to return. I tend to calculate time away with paintings not being made.

4. Have you ever gotten in trouble at your day job for promoting your art?

  • No, but I do think that my shortcomings are somehow explained by being good at art. Don’t ask me for the logic behind that.

5. What would you say departing your day job for the last time?

  • Probably just a goodbye and see you around... I doubt I would be leaving on bad terms.

6. Hours per week at your day job?

  • 10-15 hrs

7. Hours per week making art?

  • 40-80 hrs

8. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

  • Artists or businesses? I’m on 11th Ave between Pike and Pine. On just our block there’s Grim’s, Barca, Vermillion, Value Village, Annex Theater, Healthy Times Fun Club, Purr, The Crpyt, and about twenty or so artists in the warehouse lofts where I work.

9. What's the least amount of sleep (hours) that you need to get through a busy day?

  • I’ve done days where I haven’t gone to sleep at all and then installed three shows. I do feel that just 1 to 2 hours then getting up, showering, cleaning up yourself, and having some coffee is a brilliant way to trick yourself into feeling more rested than you are. Ideally I’d just go for 4-6 hours a night. 6 is the most sustainable. If I have 8 hours or more it slows me down.

10. Please list the following items in order of "most-neglected" to "most-attended".
Sleep, Food, Sex, Art, Day Job, Friends, Health, Bills, Mom

  • Bills, Day Job, Sleep, Health, Mom, Friends, Sex, Food, Art

11. How did you end up in your day job?

  • I help manage apartments for a family friend. Someone left the office and he needed some help. And I hadn’t been selling as many paintings at the moment and needed the money.

12. How would you measure the amount of success needed to quit your day job?

  • Hmmm, it’s tough to say. Currently my job is not taking up too much of my time. I’d have to have a single sustained project under constrained circumstances that would force me to quit. I’m not quite looking to drop the job at the moment.

13. If your art was an animal, what would it be?

  • Much like my Harry Potter Patronus, I’d like it to be a lion but it’d probably be a squirrel.

14. Where can people find your art online?

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