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Jan 1st Thursday Favorites

I took my daughter on her second artwalk. She's still officially the youngest person @ artwalk (3 months) and I'm not gonn lie, she's a critic already. For work that she doens't like she whines and kicks, work she's just "ok with" will turn her head away but glance back occasionally, and work that she actually likes makes her mouth drop open (usually dropping the pacifier) here's our combined favorites for this blustery Mid-winter evening downtown.

Harold Hoy
Via: Gallery IMA
Erector Set Panda
Galvanized Steel and Rubber
16 x 31 x 8 inches

At first you think, cool animals made our of home depot parts... But Your Wrong.

He uses galvanized steel and pipe hanger material (based partly on the erector set) to work around larger issues of man's predilection for claiming ownership of the natural world and our desire to manipulate and re-form it


Artist Bio

More Of Harolds Work

A Piece that's not an animal

Olena Conover
Via: Pacini Lubel
Autumn Birches
Acrylic on Canvas
38½" x 38½"

Pacini Lubel found a gem once again.This is a shitty photo but it's all I could find online of her new stuff. She laces the whole scene with lines that tease your eyes away from the lush colors and draw instead to the framework of branches and limbs that turn a set of trees into a living breathing canopy. Again there are stronger pieces and I'm kicking myself for not getting photos.

Only one I could find:

Via: Soil
Concept Car #1, 2010
Wood, masonite, plaster, chalkboard paint, chalk
114 x 48 x 48 inches
note: I think the one Exhibited was larger

Soil posted an Exhibit Called "Transvalue" that was supposed to explore the transference of information and knowledge, based on how we learn from our elders, our institutions, and our environment...

But All I could do was wonder why the hell they built a huge Slate-board Hummer. Later I found out that I was too early and they hadn't put out the chalk for everyone to write with yet: shitty. I love this kinda shit. Makes people love art more because they get to be a part of it. hmmm....

W Scott Trimbles Website

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