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Survivor: Kristi Tamcsin

"Survivors" is an interview series highlighting artists that maintain a "day job" to pay the bills. To shed some light on the techniques and methods of coping and succeeding as an artist. But also bring us all a bit closer by showing we all share the same struggles and challenges.

Kristi (or Cookie as her friends know her) and her husband Geoffrey are one of those artist couples that seem to balance each other in every part of their lives. Geoffrey Purchased Plasteel Frames (a shop he worked in  for years) right around the same time they got some "big news". Now with their new son Hudson, they've had to switch gear and re-tool their lifestyles. She is most definitely a survivor.  Here's her answers: Listen Up Kids.

1. What (other than art) do you do to pay the bills?

  • Teach Yoga & Nanny kids

2. What else would you do for money?

  • Teach art

3. What's the hardest part of having a day job while you build an art career?

  • Having the energy after work to make art and dinner

4. Have you ever gotten in trouble at your day job for promoting your art?

  • Nope

5. What would you say departing your day job for the last time?

  • Chow Suckers! No, just to the kids... Just kidding ;)

6. Hours per week at your day job?

  • Before I had a baby which is (now) 24/7, I worked 30(ish) hours

7. Hours per week making art?

  • Anywhere from 0 - 12

8. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

  • Business folk, shoppers, store owners and bums

9. What's the least amount of sleep (hours) that you need to get through a busy day?

  • Before my baby I'd say 8, now I say 6

10. Please list the following items in order of "most-neglected" to "most-attended".
---> Sleep, Food, Sex, Art, Day Job, Friends, Health, Bills, Mom

  • Food, Friends, Mom, Health, Sex, Sleep, Bills, Art & Day Job: Baby

11. How did you end up in your day job?

  • Not having enough money to make a working portfolio and pay the bills

12. How would you measure the amount of success needed to quit your day job?

  • Enough money to pay the rent and bills and have extra to live on

13. If your art was an animal, what would it be?

  • An owl.

14. Where can people find your art online?

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn
  • Delicious
  • MySpace
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