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Survivor: Eric Nelson

"Survivors" is an interview series highlighting artists that maintain a "day job" to pay the bills. To shed some light on the techniques and methods of coping and succeeding as an artist. But also bring us all a bit closer by showing we all share the same struggles and challenges.

Eric likes to have fun. His work in graphic design shows it, but he's still very practical. One of those right/left brain savants that's somehow normal enough to get by without anyone realizing he's a genius. For instance he likes professional sports AND the arts: who does that? Many friends of mine are graphic designers or developers (ok me too) and it's always interesting to see how creative professionals find the inspiration to be creative for themselves too.

1. What (other than art) do you do to pay the bills?

  • Nothing anymore (Graphic Designer/Developer)

2. What else would you do for money?

  • I used to coach volleyball. Now I'm 100% design and develop

3. What's the hardest part of having a day job while you build an art career?

  • All of the time that I lose during the day

4. Have you ever gotten in trouble at your day job for promoting your art?

  • Nope: They're very supportive

5. What would you say departing your day job for the last time?

  • Thanks for everything. I'll try to remember you when I'm famous

6. Hours per week at your day job?

  • 40

7. Hours per week making art?

  • Currently I have no room for art because I am starting a company outside of my day job

8. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

  • Younger people my age: 25-35

9. What's the least amount of sleep (hours) that you need to get through a busy day?

  • 6 hrs

10. Please list the following items in order of "most-neglected" to "most-attended".
Sleep, Food, Sex, Art, Day Job, Friends, Health, Bills, Mom

  • Sex, Art, Mom, Friends, Food, Health, Sleep, Day Job, Bills

11. How did you end up in your day job?

  • Coworker at an old job introduced me to the company

12. How would you measure the amount of success needed to quit your day job?

  • 100% financial. Once I can pay all my bills and have a reasonable lifestyle, I am out

13. If your art was an animal, what would it be?

  • Right now it would be roadkill because I have not painted in over a year. In its prime, it was a chameleon ink blot test. It turned into whatever it wanted to be and the viewer saw whatever they wanted to see in it.

14. Where can people find your art online?

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