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Survivor – Roy Powell

"Survivors" is an interview series highlighting artists that maintain a "day job" to pay the bills. To shed some light on the techniques and methods of coping and succeeding as an artist. But also bring us all a bit closer by showing we all share the same struggles and challenges.

I came to know Roy through a collaborative series he built with Greg Boudreau called "Chief Seattle's All Stars" But he's no "one trick pony" (at least when it comes to art) He paints, prints and survives day to day with the duality of a super hero but without all that super power "baggage". Be sure to see all his art:

Mayor SchellWilliam Boeing 2010 Spray paint on linenPaul Allen 2010 Spray Paint on Linen

The Questions...

1. What (other than art) do you do to pay the bills?

    I work for a copier sales company in the sales support dept.

2. What else would you do for money?

    Almost Anything...

3. What's the hardest part of having a day job while you build an art career?

    The hardest part is the time comitment. I spend a lot of time at my day job knowing that I could be painting or printmaking right now instead of reminding a customer how to replace their toner cartridge for the 3rd time in a week.

4. Have you ever gotten in trouble at your day job for promoting your art?

    Not yet. I've moved painting into my office / cube. I've handed out some flyers. Most of the time these "business types" can't be bothered with anything related to art. But if It were an invitation to a fantasy football league or the like, they would be all over it.

5. What would you say departing your day job for the last time?

    Thank you for the oppertunity to delay my goals and dreams in exchange for a steady paycheck and health benifits. That's pretty passive aggressive. I probably wouldn't say that.

6. Hours per week at your day job?


7. Hours per week making art?

    20-35 depending on the week.

8. Who are the people in your neighborhood?

    Capital Hill types.

9. What's the least amount of sleep (hours) that you need to get through a busy day?

    4, sometimes 3. 4 each night if I'm going to be not sleeping very much for multiple nights in a row.

10. Please list the following items in order of "most-neglected" to "most-attended".
(Sleep, Food, Sex, Art, Day Job, Friends, Health, Bills, Mom)

    Health, Mom, Bills, Day Job, Friends, Sleep, Sex, Art, Food.

11. How did you end up in your day job?

    I responded to a Craigslist add. I wanted to get out of my job at a paint store (not as glamourous as you'd think) so bad, that I took the first job I was offered.

12. How would you measure the amount of success needed to quit your day job?

    I would need  a lot of success. With rent and bills, I'm not quiting anytime soon.

13. If your art was an animal, what would it be?

    Slow lorris. Just kidding, my work isn't that cute, I just like saying Slow Lorris. Umm, nope, I'm going to stick with Slow Lorris.

14. Where can people find your art online?

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