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Liquor Crack-Down

Just heard about a few galleries being busted by under cover liquor control agents. Apparently, a 19yr old got a DUI and said she was at artwalk.

The state passed legislation recently that Allows art galleries, furniture stores, and the like to offer complimentary alcoholic beverages to its patron during special events. (instead of making them get a banquet license every month) but its supposed to be for FREE beverages and most galleries are asking for a donation which turns into law breaking because thats technically SELLING alcohol.

My advise:

To gallery owners: you're only selling us shitty wine anyway. Give it away for free, find another way to make the $50/month and avoid getting fined/arrested/imprisoned.

To artwalkers: BYOB. Brown bag it bitches, the wine at artwalk isn't even worth a $2 donation as most of it is $2/bottle!

To underaged drinkers: next time you get a DUI tell them you were drinking at golden gardens, or on aurora. Shutting down artwalk because you can't handle your shit is weak sauce.

Here's a quick look at the new liquor provisions...

1) Art galleries are not currently required to have a liquor permit

2) Although you are not legally required to check ID's, you are required to check that no one under 21 is receiving alcohol (aka check the ID's of "youthful" looking individuals)

3) Your gallery is liable for what happens after an under 21 individual drinks liquor at your establishment. For example, if someone under 21 drinks at your gallery, and then gets into an accident, the liability will go back to you/your gallery.

Here's more on the story...


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