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The Culture Herd

Life in the Arts scene can be crazy. It's good to know that you've got the herd to share ideas, opinions, and news as you venture into the creative unknown.

All the People In "The Herd" Have contributed to it in some way.

Althea Scully

A shy and unassuming lens-maiden that brings out the character in anone but her specialty is crazy people. It's like she's a magnet for lunatics. The fact that she shoots with us is testament that everywhere Althea goes: crazy happens.

Michael Pomerleau

This man's last name means "apple-water" because his family made moonshine. nuff said? He's a mild mannered toy designer by day and a wild Frenchman by night. Don't get him started on Dale Chihuly and please don't hate on fleur-de-lis, he's killed for less.

Candon Michelle

Meeting Candon for the first time is like being awe-struck by a beautiful lady, only to be actually-struck by a mack truck. Pony up to her at the bar, but be carefull she wields the wit of a hostage negotiator and needs only a glance to make or break you.

Jamison Bourque || Editor

He's a stark raving madman with a passion for one liners a knack for executing them. He once told someone a joke that killed them and then brought them back to life with the punchline. Charm is his middle name and wit his secret weapon.

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